Monday, January 2, 2012

Start of 2012!

As the new year approaches, Val's Boutique is picking up the pace! We are going to try really hard to start blogging more, update the website, keep up Facebook, and of course, Tweet!

Since opening in April, we have had so much fun! I have been so blessed to have the BEST staff. Most of my girls have been with me since day 1. We have really grown to be apart of each others lives and hopefully have created a fun atmosphere in the store! I'm all about working hard, but I'm even more about playing hard!! Let's be honest, life is way too short to not have a good time!

Let me introduce you to the girls that you often see in the store!

Heather Moffett:
Heather is from Knoxville and attended UTK. This is her husband, Ryan and son, Jack. They are expecting another little one in May! We are so excited for them! Heather gave me a lot of advice when I was thinking about opening a store. I was so honored when she said she wanted to be apart of the experience! I learned some great ideas from her! What a sweetheart!

Laura Henke:
Laura is from Nashville and attends UTK. This is her cute boyfriend, Wade. Laura is in school to be a nurse and we all know she will be a great one! She loves kids, fashion, & helping others. She and I met a couple years ago in Nashville and was all over my website (that will be updated soon)! When I moved to Knoxville, she was the first person I called to come work with me! She is wonderful!

Blaire Hall:
Blaire is from Knoxville and attends UTK. This is her precious boyfriend, Kyle. Blaire knows everyone in Knoxville and is FULL of energy. She always has great ideas and is way above her age. She is the youngest of the crew, but always fits right in! Such a doll!

Curry Campbell:
Curry is from Knoxville and attends UTK. This is her boyfriend, Joseph (who I have still not had a chance to meet, but I'm sure is just as great as Curry). I have actually known Curry and her family for a long time! We grew up down from the street from each other and grew up at the same pool. Curry has the best personality and is always the life of the party! She is super talented as well... lots of the jewelry in the store is made by miss Curry. She is one of a kind! Love this girl!

Claire Conkin:
Claire is from Knoxville and is the only one that did not attend UTK. She chose Alabama. Boo. But we love her anyways! This is her husband Matt, who I have actually known a lot longer than Claire. Matt and I  graduated from the same high school. I actually met Claire through my younger sister and so glad I did. She will make you laugh so hard and always has a smile on her face! She is so fun to work with and is actually my only full time employee. She has great ideas for the store and is a go-getter (which I love)! What a FUN girl that everyone needs to get to know!

And our newest addition:
MEET Elliot!!!
Elliot is Claires little one and he is going to be the new greeter at the store. He is so friendly & ready to meet you all! He will be perfect to help entertain all your little kids. Might have to get myself a little Elliot one day - he's just too precious!

I'm a little out of place with all these blondes, but totally love them and appreciate them more than you will ever know. When we all get together, you would have thought we had all been friends for years! I hope you get the same feeling when you come in the store. Thanks to all our loyal customers and we can't wait to see you again soon! Come meet Elliot and Claire when you get a chance! Happy 2012 to everyone!!!


Kate Kehne said...

Whahoo! Love the blog, staff introductions, your store, and you!! said...

Glad to hear you all are blogging more! Love the clothes. Shoot me some pictures and I'll feature them on my blog.